Your Go-To guide to connect AMZSellerToolBox™ to Xero

1. In the top left corner click on AMZSellerToolBox => Accounting Automation in the main navigation side bar. Next, click on Connect to Xero.

2. To authorize AMZSellerToolBox, simply log in to your Xero account by entering your email address and Xero password

3. Click Allow Access.

4. Once authorised, you will automatically be redirected back to AMZSellerToolbox Account Mapping Screen.

5. After you click on the Save Mapping button, you will be redirected to AMZSellerToolbox Accounting Automation Configuration Screen.

6. After clicking the Go to Settlement button, you will be redirected to AMZSellerToolbox Settlements Screen.

On this screen you are able to see all the settlements gathered from your Amazon account.

7. Next, click on View link (Magnifying glass icon), then a popup will open showing the Settlement detail report.

8. Then click on Send to Xero button, then you will be redirected to Settlement invoice page.