Content Recommendations

Your product listings may not be sufficient and could be losing you sales to competitors. Your listing is extremely important and determines not only how your customers view your products, but how your customers find your products on Amazon. If the content you use is inadequate or lacks key descriptors of your products, potential customers will have a hard time finding your products amongst the millions of others on Amazon. Let the AMZSellerToolBox Content Optimization system monitor your products and highlight the exact sections that need improvement. Use the recommendations to enhance your product listing. Find out if your products are optimized for Amazon's A9 search engine.

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Competitor Tracking & Comparison

We have all been at the point where you pull up a competitor product listing and wonder why they are so successful. Then you go and look at your own product listing, and then back to the competitor, and back to yours, and so on in the repeating cycle. View your products side by side with your competitors using the AMZSellerToolBox comparison feature. You can easily see how your top competitor's product pages compare against your own. Swipe through your top competitors to help get a visual of where your page might be lacking or how their page has a leg up on you. Switch to the list view to see a direct comparison of content section by section to better judge without visual distractions.

Keyword Tracking

Your position on the product listing page is constantly changing. The higher your position, the more likely people will click through to your product and buy. Keyword tracking in AMZSellerToolBox Content optimization will monitor your product position for key search terms while enabling you to see how your content changes affect your position and your sales. Never again wonder why sales have dropped. Be alerted to major changes in position and continually improve your product ranking.

Content Monitoring

See how your listing page rank has changed for your top keywords over time. Compare these trends against stored content changes to see which content changes actually made a positive impact and which might have had an adverse effect.

Comparison PDF Exports

Export your product listing comparisons to easily present visuals to your colleagues or boss. Show one of your own products compared against your top competitors or show a prospective product against your potential future competitors. Provide an easy summary of where your product stands from a visual and content based standpoint.

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